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About Axioma, Inc.

Axioma creates flexible tools to help portfolio managers quickly and accurately implement their investment strategies. Axioma is distinguished by its innovative products, its thought leadership on portfolio optimization, and its commitment to personal service and client training.

Axioma's products were used by five of the top 10 U.S. asset managers as ranked by assets under management and relied upon by thousands of users globally, managing trillions of dollars daily.

Axioma's flagship product, Axioma Portfolio Optimizer™, is the most flexible optimizer and portfolio construction tool on the market. With Axioma, portfolio managers gain complete freedom in modeling their objectives, an unlimited combination of constraint parameters, robust optimization, and the Alpha Factor Method™ to prevent underestimation of risk.

Axioma Risk Models™ are updated daily. This allows portfolio managers to see precisely what is occurring at any time and prevents flying blind in volatile markets. Axioma Performance Attribution™ and the Axioma Backtester™ complete the suite of portfolio management tools.

Dr. Sebastian Ceria, Axioma's founder and CEO, is a former professor at Columbia Business School with over 10 years of experience specializing in advanced optimization techniques. Axioma's senior management includes world-renowned authorities on financial analytics and decision support who have collectively published more than 200 articles in journals around the world.

Axioma's seasoned staff of PhDs and software developers bring years of expertise to solving complex financial engineering problems. In fact, Axioma has assembled the greatest number of PhD's with expertise in optimization and second-order cone math in the portfolio-analytics field.