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Axioma Implementation Services

Axioma's Implementation Services Department supports the integration and customization of Axioma's products into new or existing business processes.

We work with you to fit Axioma's software into your workflows and IT environment, using well tested processes and tools.

Axioma clients benefit from Axioma's 10-years experience tackling the integration challenges for top asset managers to give them seamless workflows and sophisticated investment processes.

Recent implementations include:

  • Integrating Axioma products with internal database systems and reporting engines
  • Building a custom hedging GUI application to implement client investment strategies
  • Building an extensive research platform to integrate performance attribution and backtesting
  • Developing a web-based long-short investment platform for fundamental managers

Clients contact Axioma to supplement in-house resources and expertise, to save time and to further develop and integrate Axioma's products.

Axioma's approach to software development and integration is flexible, practical, and pragmatic.

You can expect Axioma's Implementation Team to provide specialists who:

  • Understand your current infrastructure and workflow
  • Understand your immediate goals and future vision
  • Help you define the most efficient roadmap and best-practice solutions to achieve your objectives
  • Define the scope of the project and requirements
  • Follow appropriate development methodologies (agile, waterfall, rational unified process) depending on client preference and unique project requirements
  • Utilize industry best practices such as source control management, regression testing and continuous integration
  • Apply our experience in service-oriented architectures, web development, and FAT client development and large relational database products
  • Are experts in Java and C++ development on Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms
  • Coordinate with appropriate resources to manage a project on time and on budget
  • Collaborate with clients to meet milestones and ensure client satisfaction

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