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Axioma works closely with its business partners as part of a continuous effort to enhance the quality of its products and its service to customers.

Algotrithmics offers data derived from Axioma's multi-factor equity models as part of Algo Risk Service, Algorithmics' hosted portfolio construction, risk management and reporting service. There is market demand for customized risk solutions that offer a choice of data sources and modeling options. The combined Axioma/Algorithmics proposition addresses this need by bringing together Algorithmics' innovative and award-winning risk solutions and data derived from Axioma's proprietary equity models.
Axioma’s Risk Model suite and Axioma Portfolio, portfolio construction and analytics software are available on the FactSet platform. FactSet combines integrated financial information, analytical applications, and client service to enhance the workflow and productivity of the global investment community.
Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading
Axioma works with Goldman Sachs to offer the Goldman Sachs Shortfall Model within Axioma Portfolio. Axioma is a member of the Goldman Sachs Signature Program, which enables seamless and integrated access to a broad array of systems, software, business information and other important services uniquely adapted to meet the needs of Goldman Sachs' clients.
Russell Investments
Axioma and Russell Investments have partnered to create a series of factor-based indexes designed to deliver isolated risk factor exposure to investors managing advanced investment strategies. The Russell-Axioma Momentum Indexes are the first in the series.