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"We recently conducted a thorough review of risk model providers…we were particularly impressed with Axioma as they were able to provide a high degree of flexibility and customizability in their product suite."

- Frank Fehle, Product Manager for Systematic Equities,
 BlueCrest Capital Management

"Axioma is not just a vendor, they're an invaluable resource to our investment team."

- Stacey Nutt, Clarivest Asset Management

"In order to enhance our tactical asset allocation process, we needed an optimizer that allows us to load our own set of factor exposure and covariance matrix. After comparing several optimizers rigorously, I chose Axioma for its flexibility, sophistication, speed and superior backtest capability. Axioma Portfolio made a huge contribution to the successful development of our tactical asset allocation strategy. I was also impressed by their strong research team dedicated to develop the best optimizer in the world. As far as commercial optimization products are concerned, Axioma Portfolio is by far the best optimizer that I've experienced in the market."

- Jay Jeong, Asset Allocation and Risk Management, CalPERS

"No matter what I need to do, even if Axioma hasn't heard of it before, they think about it for a few days and always come up with a solution customized for me. They think creatively and make my portfolios work. I love the fact that I have the flexibility to use multiple risk models; it's a great example of the creativity and innovation Axioma brings to the table."

- Alexander Kendall, Sarissa Consulting, LLC

"The combination of speed, flexibility, and strong customer support has led us to choose Axioma as a cornerstone for our globalization efforts.

Axioma Portfolio is extremely fast, and the compiled libraries allow for ease of use across all of our applications. In addition, the flexibility Axioma provides helps us to solve many different types of problems quickly and efficiently without the need for a lot of additional work.

Finally, we have found Axioma's research department to be very responsive to our needs and willing to dedicate support to all our requirements as they have evolved."

- Janet Campagna, Managing Director
 Advanced Research & Quantitative Strategies, Deutsche Asset Management

"In searching for the right optimizer, Axioma brought a compelling value proposition to the table. First, the openness of the system was attractive, enabling our investment process to structure and define our objectives in a very flexible manner. Other closed systems I have worked with in the past did not meet these criteria.

At an enterprise level, the ability to work in a platform that will always allow us to incorporate the best combination of internal and third-party provided risk models and data content was critical in the decision process.

Overall, the combination of performance, flexibility and choice is what drove our decision to implement the Axioma optimization technology."

- Vivienne Hsu, Charles Schwab Investment Management

"After using a number of other optimization products for years, we decided to make the switch to Axioma as our choice for portfolio optimization. Axioma is fast and versatile with an intuitive API that we have easily incorporated into our quantitative investment framework.

The manner of Axioma's responses to our queries has made it clear to us that Axioma is driven by the specific needs of clients. We have also had an extremely productive dialogue with Axioma's research staff concerning important issues in financial optimization, and have gained a great deal of insight from our discussions with them."

- Ronen Israel, Vice President, AQR Capital Management, LLC

"We chose Axioma over conventional optimizers because Axioma offers the most sophisticated optimization technology that we have seen. Open architecture, a complex constraint library, and speed are the characteristics that set Axioma ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, Axioma's support staff have been there for us from the beginning, offering not only basic product support but also providing innovative ideas to help us maximize the optimizer's functionality."

- Steven Sapra, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Analytic Investors, Inc.