Dominic Clermont - Director, Portfolio Solutions

Dominic Clermont, Director, Portfolio Solutions, assists clients with practical use cases on the use of Axioma optimizer and risk models. Dominic shares his practical experience on managing indexing and enhanced indexing strategies, Smart Beta, Multi-Factor Alpha strategies, Minimum Volatility strategies, ESG strategies and Multi-Asset Class strategies.

Most recent articles by Dominic Clermont

Benefitting from Multiple Views of Risk in a Period of Crisis

No single risk model performs best in every circumstance — which is precisely why Qontigo provides clients with multiple views of risk that differ by horizon and by factor structure.

Posted 04.07.20 Dominic Clermont

Pension Funds: Time to Rethink Asset Allocation Strategies?

In the past 10-20 years, positive interest rate sensitivity has had serious implications for Strategic Asset Allocation. We envision new equity products being developed which better control such interest sensitivity.

Posted 07.08.19 Dominic Clermont

Enhancing MinVol Strategies with Multiple Risk Models

Minimum Volatility strategies have historically delivered portfolios with significant excess returns and much lower volatility compared with broader benchmarks.

Posted 06.24.18 Dominic Clermont