Hamish Seegopaul - Managing Director, Head of Index

Hamish Seegopaul leads the effort to help clients build and maintain their systematic strategies, by leveraging Axioma’s portfolio construction tools, factor-based risk models and quantitative expertise. The dedicated, global index team provides support for designing factor strategies, periodic rebalancing and delivering robust selection universes.

Most recent articles by Hamish Seegopaul

Is Passive Becoming Active? Factors to Consider

As factor index investing continues to expand the choices available to investors, is it still a truly passive strategy, or is it active?

Posted 02.11.19 Hamish Seegopaul

Axioma and S&P Dow Jones Indices to create an innovative new set of factor-based indices

Innovation, collaboration and factor indices. This week’s news optimizes all three, with S&P announcing plans to develop new strategies across the smart beta and ESG space, powered by Axioma.

Posted 11.14.18 Hamish Seegopaul

10 Years Since the GFC: Is Growth in Indexing Just the Beginning?

The world of indexing has seen explosive growth since the GFC, ushering in a sea change in the way assets are managed.

Posted 09.12.18 Hamish Seegopaul