Asset Owner

Asset Owners are under more pressure than ever to understand and manage the risk exposures in their portfolios.

Are these exposures intended or unintended at the total plan level, within a given allocation sleeve or at individual manager level? But knowing the risks is not enough. What are the implications of maintaining intended risk exposures or hedging unintended ones? The Axioma Risk platform combines advanced simulation-based risk analytics methodologies with industry leading factor risk models in one system, allowing plan managers to answer these questions through innovative stress testing and scenario analysis functionality.

Axioma’s value proposition to asset owners extends far beyond risk management. Axioma Portfolio is the most advanced and flexible portfolio construction system available to institutional investors today. In combination with Axioma Portfolio Analytics, for backtesting, portfolio simulation and attribution, there is no better solution for the development and implementation of systematic, risk-based and premia harvesting strategies.

By consistently delivering superior expertise, innovative research and products, Axioma empowers asset owners to more effectively meet the investment objectives of their beneficiaries.